AQI: Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board

Publish Date : 15/03/2021



Air Quality Index(AQI) of City/Town/Industrial Areas in the state of Meghalaya monitored
under National Air Monitoring Programme (NAMP)
Period: 2nd Week, March 2021
Location Location Air Quality Index
Lumpyngngad, Shillong 48 Good
Barik, Shillong  71 Satisfactory
Byrnihat (EPIP)  215 Poor
Dawki 42 Good
Tura  44 Good
Nongstoin  38 Good
Khliehriat 39 Good
Umiam (Industrial Area) 108 Moderate
4 ½ Mile, Upper Shillong.  55 Good
Polo, Shillong  49 Good

AQI calculation is as per standard procedures prescribed by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB),
New Delhi.

Rating Scale: Good: 0-50; Satisfactory: 51-100; Moderate: 101-200; Poor: 201-300;
Very Poor: 301-400; Severe: >400

Source: Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB)