Administrative Setup

The Administrative Setup of West Khasi Hills district like any other district administration in the country is headed by a District Collector or Deputy Commissioner in the cadre of the Indian Administrative Service. The Deputy Commissioner or DC is the executive head and also the District Magistrate of the district and all departments report to the office of the DC/DM. The DC is also the Chairperson of all government agencies implementing flagship programmes. The District Administration is further drilled down to Blocks and Civil Subdivisions to streamline the process of administration.The setup also ensures the maintenance of law and order in the district and the Superintendent of Police heads the District Police which is accompanied by the Commandant of the 4th Battalion of the Meghalaya Police stationed at the district. Currently, the DC is being assisted, at different level of executive functions by three Additional Deputy Commissioners, three Extra Assistant Commissioners and Head of Departments both technical and magisterial.