About District

Nestled in the foot hills of the majestic Himalayas, the breathtaking picturesque beauty of mother nature calmly enchants in the hill ranges of Meghalaya, the abode of clouds. At the heart of Meghalaya lies West Khasi Hills, a district least explored by travellers till recent years. Its indegineous citizens and rich culture extends a warm welcome to all.This portal is a window to information of West Khasi Hills district and the services rendered by its local government and the culture and heritage of its residents.This encompasses the general background of the district and its immense potential due to the ecstatic natural beauty, tourism, cultural heritage, its developmental prospects,etc. The main purpose of projecting the district through this website is to let the world know about the essences of this indegineous land at a glance; schemes, projects, informations in general for its tourist and invesment potential in particular.

All the facts and figures included in the website are collated from various available sources of the district administration.

This initiative will undoubtedly bridge the digital divide and thus help the netizens and general public at large to get closer to the district.