Tourism and its concept has been synonymous with this part of the country where majority of the landscape depicts nature at its best and the depth of the indigenous culture that is rooted to the beginning of existence captivates a travelers’ instinct. The District of West Khasi Hills is second to none for that matter with perennial rivers running through out its length and breadth carving its landscape into breathtaking valleys and lakes. The potential of eco tourism is undoubtedly among st the highest and goes untapped for circumstantial reasons.

How To Reach

The District has a network of roads and highways which connects it to the rest of the region. Check out the details here.

Places of Interest

There are quite a number of fascinating places that attracts visitors and tourist including adventurous activities to be explored.Check out the details here.


Guest Houses and Inspection Bungalows are available at the District HQ and its vicinity. Check this section for further details