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U TIROT SINGH MEMORIAL is located at Mairang town at a distance of 45 Kms. from Shillong, the Capital of Meghalaya. It is situated at the junction of the Shillong-Mairang-Nongstoin (Headquarters of West Khasi Hills District) State Highway and the Nongkhlaw-Mairang Road. The memorial was erected to commemorate U Tirot Singh, the famed Syiem of Nongkhlaw, who opposed the British in 1829. U Tirot Singh was taken as prisoner by the British on 13th January, 1833 and later confined in the Dhaka Central Jail. He died in 1835 while still in confinement at Dhaka.
The foundation stone of U Tirot Singh memorial at Mairang was laid on 15th December 1953 by Shri Jairam Das Daulatram, the then Governor of Assam, in the presence of Shri Bishnuram Medhi, the then Chief Minister of Assam. The Memorial was completed and unveiled by the then Governor in 1954. It is now an interesting place for visitors and tourists.

Image of Memorial Stone of U Tirot Singh
Tirot Singh Memorial, Mairang
Image of U Tirot Singh Hideout Cave
Krem Tirot Singh Nongkhlaw