A Documentary

In order to promote the practice of combining traditional knowledge with the development of science and technology, the BDU, WKH District has documented in the form of a documentary the knowledge and practice of cultivation of Chayote (Squash) using Trellis structures by one progressive farmer, Shri K N Lyngdoh from Upper Laitkseh Village under Mawthadraishan C & RD Block. The objective of the documentary is to propagate the traditional knowledge with new methods of cultivation using concrete trellis structures, inter cropping and mixed farming. The Documentary was also released by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Dr. Mukul Sangma on the 26th July 2013 at Yojana Bhawan, Shillong.

Chayote (Squash) is widely grown by each and every family at laitkseh and marngor villages of West Khasi Hills. The two villages have 563 households with a population of about 3320 members who live below poverty line. As such, propagating the new concept of cultivation and providing assistance is essential to uplift the standard of living and source of livelihood of the villagers. Convergence project to develop concrete trellis structures involving IBDLIP, Agriculture Department, MGNREGS and farmer’s contribution has been proposed for construction of 150 units measuring about 200 sq meter each and implementation thereof, if approved, will commence from December onwards once the present sowing season is over.

# Production (Weekly) Production (Monthly) Production (One cropped season)
1 110 kg per plucking for 4 plucking a week = 440 kg per week 4*440= 1760 kg/ month 6 months * 1760 = 10560 kg
2 Income at minimum expected market rate @ Rs 8/kg (8*10560 ) - Rs 84,450/-
3 Less, cost of production for 200 sq m plot - Rs 65,000/-
4 Net Income. - Rs 19,450/-
5 Total net income for 3 years (minimum life span of chayote is 3 years) (3*19450) Rs 58350/-

Squash Week At Laitkseh and Marngor

With the objective to promote the chayote (Squash) and provide backhand and forehand linkages, the BDU, WKH organised a workshop-cum-squash week on the 23rd July 2013 at Laitkseh village where a number deliberations were made by the DC, Nodal Officer (IBDLIP), Officers from the Line Department as well as the local famers on various issues such as importance of the crop, traditional methods of cultivation, application of scientific knowledge, market linkages, value chain analysis, etc. Thereafter, the DC, WKH inaugurated the “Squash Week” where a number of wholesalers and suppliers were seen engaging in purchase and sale of the product.

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