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[ Dated : 19th -January - 2011 ]

[Source: DPRO-Nongstoin]

Circuit House Commission

Nongstoin, 20th December 2011: After three decades of anticipation the district administration of West Khasi Hills Meghalaya finally commissioned the Circuit House at the District Headquarters' Nongstoin in the morning of the 20th December 2011.

Lok Adalat

Nongstoin, 19th January 2011: The Meghalaya state legal services authority in colaboration with the district legal services authority Nongstoin will organize The Lok Adalat at Nongstoin Pulic School on 12-02-2011 from 9:00 AM onwards.

The purpose is to settle the long pending compoundable cases by way of amicable compromise through appointed concilliators. Notices/summons have already been served. All concerned litigants are requested to attend the Lok Adalat.

Public Distribution Information

Nongstoin, 14th January 2011: The Office of the Deputy Commissioner(Supply) West Khasi Hills District Nongstoin brings to the notice of the public that the quota of the fuel supply as in Kerosene for the month of January 2011 has been disbursed to all the Fair Price Shop Dealers(S K O Sub dealers). The rate and quantity is as detailed in the PDS table.

World Tourism Day

Nongstoin, 27th September 2010: With the rest of the country, West Khasi Hills today also observed the World Tourism day which was held at TRYSEM hall in which the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills District Shri. S.Kharlyngdoh was the Chief Guest who graced  the occasion along with Smt. T.Sangma, Tourism Officer West Khasi Hills District who chaired the program and also highlight the theme of World Tourism Day.

With the theme “Tourism and Biodiversity” Chief Guest said sustainable tourism development plays an important role in conserving biodiversity. He also said that sustainable tourism maximizes the positive contribution of tourism to biodiversity conservation and to poverty reduction as well as to achievement of common goals towards sustainable development.
Kharlyngdoh said that sustainable tourism provides economic incentives for habitat protection which are channeled back into capacity building programs for local communities to manage protected areas.

In cooperate with the Tourism day the District Horticulture Officer West Khasi Hills organized the autumn flower show 2010 under the technology mission 2009 – 2010, in which 20 beneficiaries of Nongstoin area participated in the natural flower arrangement.The flower show was divided into three sections; flowering plants, foliage and Orchids, the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills gave away the cash prizes to all the winners.

Shri M.Syiem DHO West Khasi Hills when speaking in the function said that the main aim of the flower show was to encouraged the farmer of the district to work hard for plantation of flowers. Students, teachers of different schools and other head of various departments in the district attended the function.

World Ozone Day

Nongstoin September 16, 2010: Together with the rest of the country the world Ozone Day has observe in Mawshynrut Block in West Khasi Hills where P.Toy General Manager of DIC was the chief guest in the function.

It may be mention that that the world Ozone Day is being observed all over the world in order to generate the Public awareness on this day which is made to pay our homage to the ozone layer, that saves our earth from the harmful ultra-violet radiation of the Sun.

The function held at Christ King Secondary School hall where hundreds of students along with Officer of the District Forest Deptt and other departments attended the function.

Speaking in the occasion P.Toy Stressing on the need to protect Ozone, he said, “Montreal protocol is the most successful protocol in the world today to save ozone. Our Country has played a very constructive role in it.” The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed on 16th September, 1987 to protect the Ozone Layer. Since 1995, 16th September came to known as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer and commemorates the date of signing of the Montreal Protocol.

Consumer awareness programme at Pariong

Nongstoin September,17 2010: The office of the Deputy Commissioner (Supply) today has conducted an awareness programme on consumer rights at Pariong, where Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills Shri S.Kharlyngdoh was attended as a chiefguest and grace the occasion.

The main aim of the programme was to create public awareness on the right of the consumers, the resource person including Smt B.Mukhim Food Inspector of East Khasi Hills, F.M.Kharsyntiew BDO of Mawthadraishan block and Shri M.P.Jala Inspector of Legal Metrology, West Khasi Hills, all the resource person high lightened many important points which have empowered by the consumer act 1986.

The resource person also told the villagers to be aware of cheating from the shop keeper they have to file a complaint to the District consumer court in which Deputy Commissioner was the President.

The awareness programme was attended by hundreds of villagers of Pariong and students from various schools.

The programme was a successful one as villagers from rural areas was so responsible for the programme. 

Mr.S.A. Nongsiej District Forest Officer West Khasi Hills have highlight the many points for saving the earth from the harmful effects which cause warming of the earth or deadly diseases like skin cancer.

The Forest department also conduct the Debate competition where large number of students from different school participated.The prize of the winners was distributed by the chiefguest

Dy CM inaugurated the pig breeding farm at Nongkasen

Nongstoin September 23, 2010: On September 23rd, 2010 a new pig breeding farm at Nongkasen, West Khasi Hills was inaugurated by a Dy Chief Minister of Meghalaya i/c AH & Veterinary Deppt, Shri Bindo M.Lanong .The sum of rupees of two crores thirty one Lakh was invested in this project. There are 9 compartments for 100 sows on over 6 acre lands which was donated by the Hima Myriaw.

The Inaugural function was presided by Dr. L. Lyngwa Diroctor of AH & Veterinary Dept. who give a short brief on the project.

Addressing the gathering in the inaugural function the Chief Guest emphasized people participation in the conserving of natural resources like forest, water bodies and animals as they all have close inter relationship for their existence and flourishment i.e health of animals depends on plants and vice versa.

Secondly he advised people to treat and take care the farm as their own and help in smooth running of the farm for the benefit of all.

Thirdly he assured that the veterinary deppt. Will provide a good employment facilities through this farm will provides piglets to the peoples in the district.

Dr.E. Bareh Joint Director of A.H. & Veterinary Deppt when speaking in the function he said that one lakh twenty three thousand tons of pork per year our state Meghalaya depends from outside, so should have the aim that from the farm breeding that will be function from now onwards will serve the needs of the general public not only in the District but for the whole state.

Another speakers in the function including Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills , Smt Irin Lyngdoh the MDC of Pariong, Secretary of the Hima Mariaw and Dr. W.S.Dann District A.H & Veterinary Officer, West Khasi Hills Nongstoin.

Different Head of various Departments in West Khasi Hills, Doctors and staffs of Veterinary, Headman of Nongkasen and Villagers attended the function

Extension of Nongstoin College Building

Nongstoin September, 20 2010: The Addl Chief Secretary of Meghalaya Shri B.Warjri today has laid the foundation stone to extend the Nongstoin College building, library, Boys and girls Hostel which was funded by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DONER).

Addressing a gathering before laying the foundation stone of Rs. Rs 619.62 lakh Nongstoin College here, Warjri said that the growth and development of any state or nation depended on the level of its educational infrastructure.  He said that development without strong educational base would be a temporary phase which would soon wither with the passage of time.    He said that to ensure overall development growth and prosperity in state, the government has made concerted effort to strengthen educational infrastructure in the right earnest to focus on the human resource development.

Speaking on the occasion Mr B.K.Laitphlang Principal of the Nongstoin College highly appreciated the work done by the Addl Chief Secretary because he have took responsibilities to fulfill the dream of the college which exist in the back ward district in or state,he said that Nongstoin Colleg had already 32 yrs of its existence but lack of infrastructure.

Prominent amongst others who spoke on the occasion included Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills S.Kharlyngdoh which also the chairman at the occasion, Jwatbor Cajee & Associate, D.H.Marwein member of the Governing body, the function also attended by teaching and non teaching staff, students and members of the Governing body.

Mobile Arts Exhibition

Nongstoin September 9, 2010 : The Director of Art and Culture in collaboration with the NEZCC has organized the two days (8th & 9th) Mobile Arts Exhibition at Nongstoin. The Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills Hills Shri S.Kharlyngdoh was the Chief Guest and inaugurated the exhibition. The Inauguration function was attended by D. Syiem Director of Art & Culture Shillong, State Curator smt R.Wankhar, Head departments of the District and the students of various schools in West Khasi Hills.

In His speech S.Kharlyngdoh the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills encouraged all the artist who have already shown their talent in this exhibition and he also inspiring all the students to work hard for their better future.

World Literacy Day

Nongstoin September 8, 2010 : Along with the rest of the world the World Literacy Day also has celebrated in Nongstoin being the Head quarter of West Khasi Hills. The function was organized by the Deputy Inspector of School and the (SSA), and it was attended by different schools in Nongstoin, L.G.Nongsiej EM of KHADC (MDC) was the chief quest and grace the occasion.

Nongsiej in his speech said that the main aim of the programme was to raise the public awareness about literacy and its values. And must teach raising awareness of the problem of illiteracy. “we must help poor and illiterate people to grow and teach education to them” said Nongsiej. Now a day the central government aiding illiterate people. Government arranges to learn education to the poor people in the evening time after finish their work. There fore he urged the students to teach education to illiterate people and give lighting to their life.

Deputy Inspector of School also informed that the world literacy day was also observe in other block in the District of west Khasi Hills. According to the report from the Office of the Deputy Inspector of School West Khasi Hills District which stated that an about 2794 number of children under the age of 6 – 14 years are out of school in WKH as on April 2010 which includes 1215 of never enrolled children and 1579 of drop out student.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Load Reduction

Nongstoin September 7, 2010 : The District Administration West Khasi Hills District recently in its meeting along with the stake holders has decide to Check on the compliance on reducing the body height, by the trucker or transport operator entering the district will be done from all the entry point by police from Mairang, Aradonga, Nongshram and other entry point and may be deicide by the Superintendent of Police, West Khasi Hills District, the checking will take effect from 13th Septmber-2010. Trucker entering the District will voluntary reduced the body height of their trucks within the period of two weeks or will be barred from entering the District from the 15th September 2010. 

The Deputy Commissioner in his capacity as chairman of the meeting called upon all the stake holder to work toward improving the situation and particularly appeal to the business community for the hand holding with the district administration in taking measure contain further deterioration of the road network system in the district. Member attending the meeting agreed that the road condition is worsening due to the plying of the over loaded truck and decided to called upon the transport operator an business committee to appreciate and recognized this main reason with the causing the maximum damaged to public road and to also cooperated with the authority in taking mature to meticated the situation.

The meeting also decide that the Limit of  loading in truck and other vehicle strictly as per the order by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the Trucks’ owners and truck operator shall reduced the body height of a truck to an extent as to ensure that the order of the supreme court is not violated while plying with the load.

49th Teacher’s Day celebrated at Nongstoin

Nongstoin September 6, 2010 : As a mark of accolade to the contribution make by teachers to the society, the 49th Teacher’s Day has celebrated today  at st’Peter Higher Secondary School Pyndengrei, Nongstoin  whereby the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills Shri. S.Kharlyngdoh was the chief guest at the inaugural function.   It maybe mention that the 5th Sep is the Birthday of a great teacher Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishna, who was a stanch beliver in  of education and was the well known diplomat,scholar,President of India an above all a teacher.

Speaking at the function  S.Kharlyngdoh  said that “Teachers mold the lives of a lesson learned from the remain with trhe student through out life “.He also said that we would a;lways respect our teachers, teachers need encouragement and support from the community to felll that  the devotion to the student is  appreciated. The Chief Guest also handed over the District award to the three teachers who got the award, and awardees including P.K Marak,B.A B.ed Headmistress Rangsapara Sec School West Khasi Hills, Shri Colonel Syiemlieh Headmaster Rangthong Christian U.P School and Shri Thwossing Head Teacher Phot jaud Rangthong Govt L.P School. The Function was attended by Teachers of different school in West khasi Hills,Students as well as the Officer and staff of education department of West Khasi Hills.

Block Level Cultural Programme

Nongstoin August 28, 2010 : The Evergreen Sports & Cultural Club has conducted the block level cultural programme on 28/8/10 in collaboration with the Nehru Yuva Kendra Nogstoin. The programme was chaired by T.Myrthong secretary of the Club, District Youth coordinator (DYC) of NYK Nongstoin West Khasi Hills A.K.Gupta was the chief quest and grace the occasion. The programme was attended by hundred of villagers including students of various school.

Citizen Centric Administration The Heart of Governance

Nongstoin August 27, 2010 : The Deputy Commissioner West Khasi Hills District, Shri. S. Kharlyngdoh inform that as per the recommendation of the 12th Report of the 2nd ARC entitled “Citizen Centric Administration The Heart of Governance” at para 5.7.4. the office of the undersigned has put up a “Suggestion Box” for receipt of suggestions from Citizens of the District for periodic consultation with them on the important issues pertaining to the Development and upliftment of the district as a whole.

Celebration of Vanamahotsava held

Nongstoin August 18, 2010 : The Celebration of Vanamahotsava 2010 or plantation of trees for preserving our Environment organized by the office of the Divisional  Forest Officer ,Social Forestry Division, Nongstoin in collobration with the Jing iasengsamla Pariong Presbytery was held today at Pariong where a large number of students villager and Officer of various department took part in the programme.
While speaking as a Chief Guest the Parliamentary of Meghalaya as well as local MLA of Pariong Dr.A.Pariong informed the gathering that Our Universe is like a Poly house which protect us from the ultraviolet ray of the sun and as such it make the world unifies. He also stressed the necessity to preserve our Environment so that global warming would be temperate. Rampant felling of trees and charcoal burning has made the atmosphere extremely hot and it also cause many diseases, Pariong added. He therefore called upon the people especially the students to protect and preserved the environment for the well being of the present and future generation as well.
Delivering the introductory speech, the Divisional Forest Officer Shri. A.S. Nongsiej informed that on this day, the whole country observed this day as the Vanamahotsava or trees plantation for the preservation of the environment.
Weinia footbridge inaugurated:
The Weinnia footbridge at Weinnia Falls, Sangriang which connecting  Nongkhnum Island, the 2nd biggest River Island in Asia was inaugurated yesterday by the Director of Soil and Water Conservation Alex Syiem in the presence of the two Joint Directors of the Soil and Water Conservation Department, the staffs of the Soil Department of Nongtoin, and the villagers of Sangriang. This bridge is situated right on top of the Weinia Falls, the famous waterfall at Nongkhnum River Island in the, West Khasi Hills District.
Addressing the function, Syiem said that, “Nongkhnum is known around the world for its picturesque beauty and many tourists visit this particular place. But, it still lacks basic amenities like guest houses and restaurants. Therefore, people here should take the initiative and exploit schemes such as the one called “bed and breakfast”, doled out by the government. 
According to the sordar of Siangriang E. Iawren the construction of the footbridge has reduced the drudgery and danger of a conventional wooden bridge and given  the village a sense of pride.
Programmes for development such as the mud work on the approach road from Diengshyieng to Weinnia has also been completed, but much more needs to be done, observed the sordar.
Vigorous implementation of anti poverty programmes by the government through the district administration aimed at developing Weinnia falls into a major tourist destination, have with the construction of the approach road from Mawduh to Weinnia falls along with a footpath at an estimated cost of 6, 00,000 /- lakhs, and a view point at an estimated cost of 2, 78,000/-lakhs, assisted by the office of block development officer, Nongstion, yielded significant results.
Other ambitious programmes of the Soil and Water Conservation department and the District Rural Development Agency, Nongstoin  like the Employment Assurance Scheme of 2001-2002, the Border Area Special Central Assistance Scheme 2002-2003, SGRY – I Schemes 2003-04, maintenance of Nongkhnum, DRDA West Khasi Hills, SGRY-I Scheme 2004-05, Weinnia bridge, DRDA West Khasi Hills, Approach road from Diengshyieng to Weinnia falls, have been introduced and further expansion of such schemes is under active consideration said W.K.Khonglah, the Divisional Officer, Soil Conservation Dep’t Nongstoin.

The legend of Nongkhnum Island

Nongstoin August 18, 2010 : Nongkhnum Island of West Khasi Hills District is probably one of the most scenic spot which has just recently introduce into the tourist map of Meghalaya, in size, it is perhaps second only to the famous Majuli island of Assam.
Nongkhnum Island, locally known as Khnum Soij (in local dialect, Khnum means Island) is a creation of the Kynshi River.
After a fair amount of research, Mr. E Phylla Syiem of Nongstoiñ, in the West Khais Hills, has aptly recorded his findings in a book, “Ka Skud U Pakoh”, with a foreword by Mr. L.H. Pde, MCS (retd.)
‘Ka Skud’ is a treasure house where valuable possessions including paddy, agricultural seeds, agricultural tools, etc are stored. ‘U Pakoh’ means an elder of the community who is revered as a philosopher and a teacher. The prefixes ’U’ and ‘Ka’ relate to male and  female gender respectively, whereas the prefix ‘Ki’ refer to the plural forms of both.
Mr. Syiem wrote that the legend, termed ki Nongkhiat Bylle (Nongkhiat means callers and Bylle means God), under the leadership of U Ksan ñiangriang, could communicate with Le Mawpein (Le means God) who instructed them to accordingly put down in writing. In ancient times, the system of writings was by means of bamboo/threads strings interwoven by hands, representing words or meanings, on a big bamboo net called U Pyrnu (Sheet of Book). Consequently, the following 12 Pyrnu (Books) were compiled by the 12 wise men: (1) Le Pyrnu (on religious polity) by U Khynde. (2) Kyrwat Pyrnu (on administration) by U Kyrwat. (3) Ksiang Pyrnu (on matrimonial regulations) by U Shangsngi. (4) Thangrong Pyrnu (on rituals for the dead) by U Plushoit. (5) PherPyrnu (on ceremonies relating to anniversaries) by U Lang. (6) Long-Ïing Pyrnu (on family and clan relationship) by U Pior. (7) Tang Pyrnu (on naming rituals) by U Iangsngap. (8) Ram-O Pyrnu (on geology and minerals by U Siar. (9) Nengleih-Nengiong Pyrnu (on astronomy) by U Ksan. (10) Wet ne Khom Pyrnu (on laws and regulations) by U Synio. (11) Kmiang Pyrnu (on biodiversity) by U Hmoot. (12) Jatjyllu Pyrnu (on miscellaneous issues) by U Kyrhai.
As per the messages of U Pyrnu, ka Shi was the only child who lost her parents, U Mawtheng Sohmen and ka Tynre-Ram-O, in the prime of her youth. Though of obscure origin, ka Shi lived in Mawmaram village, not far from Sohiong locality, on the Shillong-Nongstoiñ National Highway 44(E), about 30kms from Shillong. Having no relatives and loving a solitary life, she was looked down with contempt by her neighbours who nicknamed her ka Kynshi. On the advice of a friendly priest, U Sangriang, she prayed to U Le Shi and was instantly transformed into a spring which grew into a stream flowing westward.
On her journey, she met and married a handsome youth. Together they strolled until they reached a place called Mawkhan (maw means stone and Khan means pray) near Pariong where they performed a special prayer on a stone for safe journey onwards. Blessed with two daughters, Ka Phanliang and ka Namliang, they next rested at Rahkawan lake, which is full of fish, near Nongkynjang and Nonglwai habitations, on the outskirts of Nongstoin.
Along the way, ka Phangliang met U Jyrhap whose marriage was sanctified by a priest, U Siarpa Lyngdoh (Siar is short form of Ksiar which means Gold, Pa is short form of Rupa which means silver, and Lyngdoh means Priest) near Lyngdoh Siarpa Sacred Forest, which is considered sacrosanct and forbidden.
Meanwhile, the mother, Kong Shi (Kong means madam) seeing her unmarried youngest daughter, ka Niamlang, grow remorseful and sad, and approached a priest for help who consulted U Le Mawpein through the mediator, U Kyrwat. The answer, with U Myntri Niangram (Myntri means Minister) as witness, was that Kong Shi should perform a religious sacrifice on a stone called U Mawlaikhlieh (meaning a three headed stone) or U Mawiathong (Maw means stone and Iathong means betting) near law Lyngdoh Siarpa and having three pointed marks - one indicating Kong Shi and her husband, the second that of Ka Phanliang and U Jyrhap, and the third that of Ka Niamliang.
While Kong Shi and her consort stayed put at Thwei Siarpa (Thwei means Big Lake), the two sisters flowed on separate way at Khnum Soij promising to reunite after ka Niamliang got married. The elder sister and her husband choosing left, subsequently forming a lake called the Wei Phanliang (Wei is short form of thwei meaning lake) followed by Kshaid Shad Thum (Kshaid meaning falls, Shad meaning dance and Thum meaning sound made by a falls) and then proceeded forward. The youngest sister merrily choosing right until she came upon Kshaid Riat (Riat meaning Cliff) where she cascaded three times. After the last cascade, she eloped with a handsome youth named Por Symbe (Por meaning time). After the birth of their child at a place called Mawkhakhun (Maw meaning stone, Kha meaning giving birth to and Khun meaning child). They happily rolled down in two directions thereby forming a falls called Kshaid Wienya.
Suddenly remembering their holy promise, both the sisters reunite and embraced each other at a place called Thongrin (Thong meaning bet or target, rin meaning one and all satisfactorily), with Ka Byrki and Ka Phod Porsohstap as witnesses.
The lifestyle of the two sisters signifies the two types of marriage: Firstly, the Phanliang way which is right and proper. Secondly, Niamlang way through elopement which is later on regularized, known as Snahrbe (Snah meaning jump and rbe meaning in a hurry).
After reuniting joyously, both the sisters and their families happily flowed together until they reached Wah Blei or Kmo Bli, blessed by the Gods, and continued onwards till they entered the plains of Bangladesh.
Attempts have been made by successive Governments through the District Administration to beautify this little known corner of Meghalaya and to develop it into a major tourist attraction, An important step in this Direction was made in the year 2006 / 07 with the implementation of a scheme for the construction of a foot bridge crossing the Phanliang river to its bank, along with a 100m footpath from the parking lot to the foot bridge.
This was simultaneously followed by a by an approach road from Nongtoin Sangriang to Nongkhnum island at an estimated cost of Rs 77.13 lakhs, under the PMGSY phase III scheme implemented by the PWD Nongstoin which was completed on 31st March, 2007.

Civil Hospital Nongstoin Inauguration.

Nongstoin 12 August, 2010 : The 100 bedded Civil Hospital Nongstoin was inaugurated today 12th August 2010 by the Chief Minister of Meghalaya Dr.Mukul Sangma in the presence of Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh Minister i/c Health & Family Welfare Department, Meghalaya.

While speaking on the occasion Dr.Mukul Sangma said it is imperative to effect changes in our administrative system to bring it in line with the objective of growth with social justice. It is not, he said a question of imposing something from above, the impetus for change most come from within. While urging upon the hospital fraternity to ensure quality service to the so called beneficiaries, Dr.Mukul said that our watch words must be improvement of efficiency and enforcement of accountable.

The years ahead are year of challenge, said Dr.Sangma.The government has taken a numbers of measues to accelerate growth such as new health policy which is on the pipe line will give new content to our programmes for achieving social justice he added.

It is gratifying indeed said Dr.Mukul Sangma that we have people like this land owner who has answered to the need of the hour and generously donated the land for the greater good.

Other dignitaries who attended the programme included the Local MLA Shri.H.S Lyngdoh A.L Hek MLA Dr. A.Pariong MLA M.Nongsem CEM of KHADC and D.P Wahlang Commissioner Secretary Health & Family Welfare.


World Consumer Righ Day Observerd.

Nongstoin 15 March, 2010 : Together with the rest of the country, the World Consumer Right Day was also observed in Nongstoin, West Khasi Hills District on the 15 of March 2010, where the Additional Deputy Commissioner Mr. W. Nongsiej MCS attended as the Chief Guest.

It may be mentioned that the World Consumer Right Day is being observe all over the country in order to generate public awareness on the rights and privileges of a buyer while spreading the message of business ethic.

The Function held at TRYSEM hall which started at 12 noon , where Mr. W. Nongsiej highlights on the consumer Act 1986.

The Programme was attneded by Shri. G.S. Nongkhlaw Superintendent of Supply West Khasi Hills, Shri. Francis Kharshiing -District Housing Officer, West Khasi Hills , staff of Supply Department, students from various schools.

Disaster Management Programme Held.

Nongstoin, 8th March,2010: The National Disaster Response Force from Guwahati in Collaboration with the District Disaster Management Committee West Khasi Hills has conducted the Disaster Management programme at the compound of the Office of Deputy Commissioner West Khasi Hills Districtin which W.Nongsiej Asst. Deputy Commissioner grace the occasion.

The function was interesting as the NDRF team led by O.M.Prakash team commander demonstrate how to save the life of the people from earth quake, snake bites, electrict shock and for give them first aid.

The Programme was attended by Government servants form all the department as well as the public from various villages.

At Mawshynrut: At Mawshynrut on
5th March,2010 Shri. D.D.Sangma BDO of Mawshynrut open the function and after a short speech from the BDO the NDRF team displayed the demonstration how to save the life of the people regarding accidents, snake bites and earth quake.         

60th Republic Day Held:

Nongstoin, 26th Jan, 2010 : Together with the rest of the country the 60th Republic Day was also celebrated today at Nongstoin in a grand manner where people from different localities of Nongstoin assembled together at St.Peter’s Higher Secondary School ’s playground to witness the celebration.

The Chairman of Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) Shri. Ronie.V.Lyngdoh as well as the MLA of Mylliem was the Chief Quest on the occasion and unfurled the National flag to the tune of the National Anthem and took the Rashtriyas salute at the impressive March past of 12 parade contingents which included the Police, NCC, and School students.

The Celebration was added more colour the presentation of tablues by the 5th Government Department comprising of Forrest Department, Soil Department, Agriculture combine Irrigation, Education and PHE Department in which the Soil Department bagged the First prize.

Other highlights of the day included cultural programme, Basketball between the Women Officers XI and the Senglong kmie New- Nongstoin in which the Women Officer’s XI won the match, it was followed by the Prize distribution and the distribution of eatables to patient of
Civil Hospital , Green Pastures Home Pyndengrei and St.Peter’s Orphanage at Pyndengrei.

At Mawshynrut, the celebration was held at Christ King Sec, School Riangdo whereby the BDO of Mawshynrut Shri. D.D.Sangma raised the National flag and took the salute at the march past of the parade Contingents of Police. Other programme of the day included the cultural items Prize distribution and distribution of gifts to the Disabled person by the Chief quest.

Celebration of Ozone Day Cum SIP held :

Nongstoin, Sept 17, 2009: The Celebration of International Ozone Day 2009 cum Special Interactive Programme (SIP) on the theme “Universal Participation: Ozone Protection Unifies the World”, organized by the Office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Social Forestry Division, Nongstoin in collaboration with the Office of the District Public Relations Officer Nongstoin was held on Wednesday at Shngimawlein Village where a large number of villager from seven villages took part in the programme.

 While speaking as a resource person, the Deputy Director of Information and Public Relations (DDIPR) Shillong Shri Phyrnai Marbaniang informed the gathering that ozone layer is like an umbrella which protect us from the ultra rays of the sun and as such it make the world unifies. He also stressed the necessity to preserve the Ozone layer as well as the environment so that global warming would be temperate. Rampant felling of trees and charcoal burning has made the atmosphere extremely hot, Marbaniang added. He therefore, called upon the people to protect and preserve the environment for the well being of the present and future generation as well.  

Delivering the introductory speech, the Divisional Forest Officer Shri S.A.Nongsiej informed that on this day, the whole World observed the International day for preservation of the Ozone Layer in which our country has also been celebrating this day both at the national and State level since the year 1995.  

The District Officers from four development departments comprising of the Soil and Water Conservation department, A.H.&Veterinary, Agriculture and Horticulture department highlighted their development activities and schemes during the interactive session where clarifications have also been sought by the participants.  

The celebration also included the debate competition on the theme “Advantage and Disadvantage of Charcoal burning”which was taken part by the students of the Hynreiw Shnong Higher Secondary School, Shngimawlein which was followed by Dancing competition, Football match for boys and Girls and prizes distribution.  


Workshop for farmers Held:

.Nongstoin, Sept 22, 2009: A one day workshop for farmers, on the theme “Potential of Pig farming for economic and employment generation” organized by the Meghalaya Veterinary Services Association, West Khasi Hills District Unit wad held on Tuesday at TRYSEM Hall, Nongstoin where  around 130 farmers from four C&RD Blocks participated in the workshop.Speaking as the Chief Guest, the Joint Director of Veterinary department Dr L.Lyngwa called upon the participants to take up pig farming in a large scale so as to meet the demand of pork in the District and the State as a whole. He also stated that pig farming is a fast earning business which could also generate employment for the people in the rural areas.  

The Resource persons on the topic care and management of pigs towards economic development & employment generation was Dr B.K.Mawthoh whereas Dr B.K.Sahkhar gave a brief lecture on micro enterprises in pig farming. Meanwhile, the farmers have also been taken active part during the interaction.

Earlier, the workshop was presided over by the District Veterinary Officer, Nongstoin Dr.W.S.Dann and other who spoke on the occasion included Dr. J.S.Jyrwa who is also the president of Meghalaya Veterinary Services Association.

Interactive Programme Organized at Mawthawniaw:  

Nongstoin, August 13, 2009:  A one day Special Interactive Programme (SIP) on the theme “ Help, just a call away” organized by the Office of the District Public Relations Officer (DPRO) West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin was held today at Mawthawniaw village wherein six development departments comprising of Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary , DRDA, Sericulture and Fishery department took part.

The programme was formally inaugurated by the District Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Officer (DVO) West Khasi Hills District, Nongstoin  Dr. W. S . Dann. In his speech, the DVO called upon the people to familiarize themselves with these departments so that they can avail the schemes for their benefit. He also lauded the effort of the DPRO’s Office for organizing such interactive programme which paved way the people in the rural area to meet the District Officers at their door step.

 In the interactive session, development and welfare schemes of the various departments were spelled out by the Officers to which related questions were openly raised by the participants from the four villages.

Renewable Energy Day Observed at Nongstoiñ.:

Nongstoin Aug,20,2008 : The District Administration, West Khasi Hills District, Nongstoin today observed the Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas - Renewable Energy Day at Deputy Commissioner's Office Complex here. The programmed  kicked off at 8.30 am with a rally on the theme Renewable Energy which started from Nongstoin Market towards D.C.'s Office via Nanbah and Post office and participated by the students from different schools of Nongstoin Area carrying along with placards and banners.Speaking as the chief guest on the occasion, the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. A.Pariong underlined that energy is very important in a day today life of man. He therefore, urged upon the people to also conserve the environment while using the energy and adding that its surroundings need to be preserved and protect for the future generation. He also appealed to the leaders of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to maintain the peace and harmony in the District.The welcome address was delivered by the Deputy Commissioner of West Khasi Hills District Shri. M.R.Synrem-IAS whereas the vote of thanks was proposed by the Project Director of DRDA-Nongstoin Shri. W.Nongsiej-MCS.

Other highlights of the day included Drawing and Painting competitions, Extempore speech on various topics related to Energy, Group Dance, Fancy Dress competition, Group song and prizes distribution



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